Dark Souls 3



A parry is the act of countering an enemy's hit through the use of a parry-enabled shield or weapon (e.g. the Farron greatsword). The parry frames, i.e. the frames of your parry animation that will fully parry an opponent's parryable attack, are not necessarily at the beginning of the parry animation.

Additionally to the parry there is also a partial parry, meaning if you fail to time your parry frames to the opponents attack you will take reduced damage and won't be staggered.

Frame data

Parrying toolStarting frameParrying framesEarliest attack frame
Fists and Claws8th1014th
Curved swords12th618th
Thrusting swords12-36th6-80-24th
Straight swords32-36th2-40
Ultra Greatswords48-52nd412-18th

Player's attacks

  • Running and Rolling R1 : Can be parried on every weapon except Whips.
  • Unlocked, "dead angled" attacks of normally parryable attacks: Cannot be parried3
Weapon classUnparryable attacks
All weaponsRunning R2 / Jumping attack
All Ultra Great weapons2H R1, 2H R2, fully charged 1H R2 (?)
WhipsAll attacks
FistsLeaping Slash (Demon's Fist)
HalberdsSpin Sweep and follow-up R2 (Winged Knight Halberd)
SpearsSpin Sweep (Partizan)
Curved SwordsSpin Slash and follow-up R2
Tornado and follow-up R2 (Painting Guardian's Curved Sword)
HammersSpin Bash (Drang Hammers)
KatanasOnislayer (Onikiri and Ubadachi)
Straight SwordsSpin Slash (Dark Sword)
GreatswordsStomp (Executioner's Greatsword)
Curved Greatswords2H R2, fully charged 1H R2
Spin Slash and follow-up R2 (Old Wolf Curved Sword)
Great HammersSpin Bash and follow-up R2 (Gargoyle Flame Hammer)
GreataxesDemonic Flare (Black Knight Greataxe)
Ultra GreatswordsStomp
Flame of Lorian (Profaned Greatsword)


Parryable enemies

Iudex GundyrBoth phases.
Crystal Sage-
Deacons of the Deep-
Abyss WatchersBoth phases.
Champion Gundyr-
Pontiff Sulyvahn-
The Twin PrincesBoth phases. Cannot be riposted.
Soul of CinderCurved sword phase only. Cannot be riposted.