Dark Souls 3

Game Mechanics: General


Weapons and Armor have a durability stat associated with them. Once this value reaches zero, the piece of equipment will be rendered broken and you will have to bring it to Blacksmith Andre for it to be repaired.

You can restore lost durability using consumables such as Repair Powder, and by resting at bonfires.

For weapons, durability is lost every 5 to 10 swings. For armor, durability is only lost upon taking damage.

Umbral Ashes

Items related to extending the stock of the here.


Hollowing change the player's appearance and affects the damage of Hollow weapons. After hollowing level 15, holding a hollow weapon/shield increases the Luck stat to a maximum of 5 levels depending on the weapon's upgrade level.

To become Hollow, one must accept Dark Sigils in the player's inventory.

Hollowing can be healed by giving a Dark Sigils.

New Game Plus

New Game Plus is a mechanic in which you start over from the beginning of the game. Stats and equipment persist, as well as covenant rankings; everything else is reset. Souls gained from enemies scale up until NG+7, at which point soul gain remains static thereafter.

To enter New Game Plus, you must finish the game by defeating the Soul of Cinder and choose 'Yes' when prompted if you wish to enter New Game Plus. You do not have to do this immediately, as you can revisit the menu anytime by sitting at the bonfire in Firelink Shrine.

New Game Plus does not have an effect on your matchmaking in Dark Souls III, you will still be able to enter NG worlds, unlike in Dark Souls II.

In New Game Plus there are several differences within the game world regarding enemies and equipment. Some pieces of equipment can only be obtained through entering New Game Plus.

Currently the most noticeable difference is the increase in the difficulty. Both health and soul values for enemies (including bosses) increases per game cycle.The jump between NG and NG+1 in terms of souls is quite big, with most mobs dropping 75% more souls in NG+ than NG.

  • Rings

In New Game Plus, you can obtain the upgraded version of several rings. For example, Havel's Ring in New Game Plus is called 'Havel's Ring +1' and is located in a different place. This is repeated for NG+2 where it is even stronger and in a different place once again.

These changes can be viewed here

  • Weapons

Currently there is only one known difference with weapons in New Game Plus, and that is the creation of the Soul Transposition.

  • Souls

The soul items you pick up around the world will change once you enter NG+, granting more souls than the soul items in NG.

Host of Embers

To become a Host of Embers, you must either defeat a boss or use an Ember.

  • Effects

- Boost your maximum HP by 30%.
- Allows Online play (e.g. you can summon phantoms and be invaded by players)


By visiting Cathedral of the Deep, you can re-allocate your attributes that you have gained through leveling, or you can change your character's appearance. This can only be done a total of five times per game cycle.

Each rebirth requires a Pale Tongue.

Item Discovery

Item discovery increases the chance of an enemy dropping an item on their random drop table.

Item Discovery works by comparing your value of Item Discovery against the enemies chance to drop an item. For example, if you have an Item Discovery of 100, and say a Proof of a Concord Kept has a 1% drop rate, your drop rate will be 1%. However if you have a Item Discovery of 400, your drop rate will be 4%.



Therefore if you are farming an item, it is recommended you maximise your Item Discovery otherwise it may take you a very long time to get a drop.

  • Maximizing Item Discovery

A good endgame strategy for maxing out your Item Discovery (for say, farming Covenant Items offline) is respec your character to max out Luck, and then use the Pyromancy Flame in one hand and the Symbol of Avarice and the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring. This should easily get you to 350+ discovery, which you can increase by another 50 or 100 with the Rusted Coin or Rusted Gold Coin respectively.

  • Sources

Rusted Gold Coin (+100, 60 sec)


Sin is accumulated as you kill innocent Shrine Handmaidwill charge more souls for items when you have Sin.

To remove Sin, visit the Irina of Carim.

Souls and Bloodstains

Souls are gained through various activities, and are the main currency of Dark Souls 3. The most common method of gaining souls is to kill enemies.

Upon death all of your souls will be dropped as a bloodstain. They can be retrieved if you visit the spot you died at and pick them up, although dying again will remove the bloodstain, meaning you will lose your souls.

When players die in other game worlds, at times you can see the bloodstains they leave behind. You can inspect other players' bloodstains in your world to watch their last moments and get clues about how they died.

- Enemies will drop 20% extra souls if they are killed in one hit.
- Equipment that increases the amount of souls dropped by enemies are the Mendicant's Staff (20%, very rare drop). The effect of these items stack.
- There is a trick that can take advantage of the bonus given by the Mendicant's Staff: equip it as your secondary weapon and right after you deliver the killing blow, change to it (you don't need to meet the staff's requirements in order to get the bonus). This may not work if your primary weapon is too slow. With this, the soul absorption is increased to 110% with the ring at +0.