Dark Souls 3


MovementLeft analogue stickLeft analogue StickW, A, S, D
CameraRight analog stickRight analog StickMouse
Action / TalkXAE
Sprint / Roll / Back step / BackOBSpacebar, Q (menu back\cancel)
Use ItemXR
Attack (right hand)R1RBLeft Click
Strong attack (right hand)R2RTShift + left click
Attack (left hand)L1LBRight click
Strong attack (left hand)L2LTShift + right click or Left ctrl
Two-hand weaponΔYF
Open Menu Esc
Open gesture menuL TPBackG
KickTap the left control stick forward and R1 at the same time.Tap the left control stick forward and RB at the same time.W + Left click (tap both)
Jump attackWhile running by holding O , tap R2.While running by holding B, tap RT.Shift (hold) + W and left click (Tap both)